Monday, 19 February 2018

Painting 401s Axleboxes

Norman has been out with the paintbrush recently on 401s axleboxes, all now painted in primer, rear and centre wheelsets pictured above

Leading wheelset

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Birthday Duties Today

Ashington No.5 has been in service again today for the last day of running for February Half Term, trains begin operating again at the end of March. The loco is pictured here after taking water sporting the Birthday Special headboard for birthday boy Aishpreet

Brake Van work this morning

White primer now covered with red undercoat on the side of the main body carried out by John this morning

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Coaling Up

Ashington No.5 being coaled up this afternoon in preparation for running trains tomorrow

Filming Day

Photos below of todays filming day with On The Up Media taking aerial footage with their drone of multiple run pasts with both Ashington No.5 & A.No.5 on both freight and passenger trains.

Steaming up this morning

Ashington No.5 away down the line with the freight train, seen here passing A.No.5 which was locked into the run-round loop at Middle Engine Lane on the South end of the passenger train

Ashington No.5 beginning run-round at Percy Main

Running round the freight train

Afterwards, A.No.5 ran down with the passenger train, seen here returning to Middle Engine Lane

A.No.5 crew, Tom Naisbitt (Top) and Michael Wortley (Bottom)

D2078 & A.No.5 stabled in the South headshunt at Middle Engine Lane

08915 running back into the yard after shunting the freight train

Ashington No.5 at Percy Main with the last freight train

Friday, 16 February 2018

Yesterdays Freight Demonstration Day

Below is a selection of photos from yesterdays freight & passenger trains and shunting moves with an absolutely great turn out!

Ashington No.5 coming up the bank with the first freight train

Two photos above of A5 shunting the freight train back into the yard

Ashington No.5 then ran onto the South end of the passenger train, which was stabled in the run-round loop, here the driver & guard are discussing the shunt required to pick up the third carriage

Two photos above show ACC5 propelling the train through the platform after A5 had stabled the third carriage in the North headshunt

Pulling back into the platform with the passenger train, with a large queue of passengers waiting for the 1130 departure

ACC5 after arrival back with the passenger train, with A5 on the other side of the yard after re-marshalling the freight train

Ready to detach and run-round

Visitors admiring A5 in the yard

ACC5 pulling forward into the headshunt to run-round the passenger train

A5 pulling the freight train down in the South headshunt

Then propelling it into the North headshunt ready for ACC5 to pick up

Trundling back into the yard

A5 stabled on the crossover with ACC5 at the end of the platform, about to move forward onto the freight train

Stopped for a quick break and catch up between crews

Off to the coal road to fuel up

Bombing up the line with the second freight train

ACC5 departing Middle Engine Lane with the last passenger train of the day

Arriving back into Middle Engine Lane, finishing off a very good day!

Thursday, 15 February 2018


Massive well done to the Tearoom staff who gained a 5-Star hygiene rating after a surprise inspection!